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    1813mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil

    • Product Info

      Our "top shelf" full spectrum tincture is a beautiful blend of our proprietary plant based oil, terpenes, and full spectrum cannabinoid rich distillate with an added boost of CBG. We believe in transparency in our products and so our mg content lists exactly what is in our tincture instead of rounding to a nearby whole number.

      1 fluid ounce (30ml)

    • Cannabinoid Profile

      CBN = 2.233mg/ml
      CBC = 1.069mg/ml
      CBG = 14.93mg/ml
      CBD = 36.60mg/ml
      Delta-8 THC = 1.392 mg/ml
      Delta-9 THC = 1.366mg/ml

      Total Cannabinoids = 60.43mg/ml
      (1813mg/30ml) or 6.043%

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    • Terpene Profile

      bCaryophyllene, sLimonene, Linalool, aHumulene, bPinene, bMyrcene, aBisabolol

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