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Lab Results

Hemp Quest Farms takes pride in maintaining the "Gold Standard" for high quality CBD and our hemp derived products. This is why we provide extensive batch testing prior to every product entering our inventory. It is also why you won't see rounded numbers for our milligram content. We print our labels to show the exact milligrams based on our 3rd party lab results.

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Transparency Is Key

Just like any other product, not all hemp derived products are equal. Despite hemp being an ancient medicine, it is currently a newer industry. With this truth comes the fact that this industry is not well regulated and product quality and purity varies greatly. We at Hempquest reassure our customers by rigorously testing our products and sharing those results.



"Hemp Quest Farms provides the cleanest most trust-worthy product out there. This is why I keep returning. I want only the best, and this I know I'll get with these products." - Tony F.