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Lab Results

Hemp Quest Farms takes pride in maintaining the "Gold Standard" for high quality CBD and our hemp derived products. This is why we provide extensive batch testing prior to every product entering our inventory. It is also why you won't see rounded numbers for our milligram content. We print our labels to show the exact milligrams based on our 3rd party lab results.

For Your Review

Focus - Intention Collection Tincture  COA (pdf)

Pain - Intention Collection Tincture  COA (pdf)

Digest - Intention Collection Tincture  COA (pdf)

Sleep - Intention Collection Tincture  COA (pdf)

Power - Intention Collection Tincture  COA (pdf)

1315 Pain Relief Roll-on  COA (pdf)

Sex Panther THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Lemon Drop THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Zkittles THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Concrete Shoes THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Jack Herer THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Alien Hallucinations THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Blue Dream THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Grape Frost THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

1813 Full Spectrum Hemp Oil  COA (pdf)

820 Delta 8 Sour Melons   COA (pdf)

820 Delta 8 Sour Worms    COA (pdf)

Moon Berry THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Garlotti THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

Gelato THCA Flower   COA (pdf)

660 Delta 9 Sour Worms  COA (pdf)

420 Delta 9 Sour Peaches  COA (pdf)

1791 Full Spectrum Tincture  COA (pdf)

1816 Full Spectrum Tincture  COA (pdf)

500 Full Spectrum Tincture  COA (pdf)

1180 Broad Spectrum Tincture  COA (pdf)

Broad Spectrum Tincture Terpenes  COA (pdf)

1044 Delta 8 & Delta 9 Tincture  COA (pdf)

646 Delta 8 Tincture Terpenes  COA (pdf)

1027 Full Spectrum Roll On  COA (pdf)

Hemp Quest Salve  COA (pdf)

Full Spectrum Body Lotion  COA (pdf)

Full Spectrum Massage Oil  COA (pdf)

CBD Vapor Cartridge  COA (pdf)

Sour Worms  COA (pdf)

Sour Patches  COA (pdf)

Sour Melons  COA (pdf)

314 Full Spectrum Pet Tincture  COA (pdf)

Full Spectrum Distillate Pesticides  COA (pdf)

Delta 8 Distillate  COA (pdf)

Mixed Hemp Flower Cannabinoids & Terpenes  COA (pdf)

Mixed Hemp Flower Contaminants  COA (pdf)

2019-2020 Archive  COAs (pdf)

Transparency Is Key

Just like any other product, not all hemp derived products are equal. Despite hemp being an ancient medicine, it is currently a newer industry. With this truth comes the fact that this industry is not well regulated and product quality and purity varies greatly. We at Hempquest reassure our customers by rigorously testing our products and sharing those results.


"I was taking a high dose of CBD for headaches rather then pharmaceuticals, Devin and Nicole suggested I try their 500 mg and I felt the same relief. Customer service and the knowledge about the products is amazing. I was looking for something organic that I didn't have to worry about the chemicals involved, Devin explained the entire process to me. I've used several different products and would highly recommend them to anyone, and have!"  - Shawn J.


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