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    500mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    • Product Info

      On your quest for optimal health and wellness, you may consider incorporating our full-spectrum hemp tincture into your daily regimen. We start with our proprietary plant based oil blend then we add our cannabinoid rich distillate and signature terpene blend to create a well-rounded hemp tincture.

      1 fluid ounce (30ml)

    • Cannabinoid Profile

      CBD = 13.5mg/ml, CBG = 0.1519mg/ml, Delta-9 THC = 0.7633mg/ml
      THC = 0.076%, CBD = 1.35%
      Total Cannabinoids = 4.26mg/ml (427.8mg/30ml) or 1.426%
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    • Terpene Profile

      Limonene = 0.1788mg/ml, Myrcene = 0.1563mg/ml, Pinene = 0.1223mg/ml, Caryophyllene = 0.0885mg/ml, Geraniol = 0.0713mg/ml, Linalool = 0.0537mg/ml
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