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NC Nurse and Co-Owner of Hemp Quest Farms Supports Legalization

Updated: Oct 19, 2022

by Courtney Davis

Spectrum News

October 8, 20222

Supporters medical marijuana say Cooper’s comments and Biden's move are good steps in the fight for legalization.

Nicole Ryan, a nurse and co-owner of Hemp Quest Farms, says she discovered the medicinal benefits of hemp oil, which is legal in North Carolina, years ago after an injury.

But she says that unless marijuana becomes legal state- and nationwide, many people who use it for medicinal purposes will continue living in fear of getting arrested for treating their illnesses.

“The American Cannabis Nurses Association along with the American Nurses Association support patients not having to worry about getting in trouble for taking their medicine,” Ryan said. “It’s a huge roadblock for research in the United States. If we deschedule it, it releases that block.”

Ryan says Biden and Cooper talking about marijuana reform helps to break the stigma around the medicinal use of the drug...

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