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Cannabis Nursing:
What is it?

According to the American Cannabis Nurses Association Scope and Standards of Practice;

“The cannabis nurse aims to not only support and educate healthcare consumers but also to work toward supporting wellness and healing through a caring presence, which supports the consumers' needs. Cannabis nursing requires that the nurse be educated in multiple areas above and beyond all registered nurse competencies, including knowledge of the endocannabinoid system, cannabis therapeutics, cannabinoids, terpenoids, cannabis laboratory testing requirements, potential medication interactions, advocacy, ethics, and the law.


The cannabis nurse’s role expands as he or she acts as an advocate, coach, and navigator to guide patients through a sea of cannabis information and misinformation. The cannabis nurse is a leader in guiding patients toward a maximal state of homeostasis through the upregulation of the endocannabinoid system. The cannabis nurse practices self-care to maintain a professional and caring presence with patients.”

“The cannabis nurse works in a variety of settings with the patient and his or her support systems to facilitate health, healing, and well-being through both the patient’s safe and effective use of cannabis and/or cannabinoid medicines and through the upregulation of the endocannabinoid system toward optimal functioning. The cannabis nurse is educated on the use of cannabis as medicine and current cannabis scientific findings, therefore, the cannabis nurse is able to educate and coach the patient, his or her caregivers or support systems, and other healthcare providers about the most effective and safe uses of cannabis for specific health, healing, and illness concerns. The cannabis nurse upholds the highest ethical standards and advocates for patients and populations.”

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Meet Nurse Nicole

Utilizing the nursing process Nurse Nicole assists clients in developing a wellness plan to achieve health goals. She provides education on health promotion, preventive lifestyle medicine, and other holistic modalities that support Endocannabinoid System Care such as hemp/adaptogens, mindfulness, yoga, and massage therapy. 

Nurse Nicole is a client advocate and works directly with the client’s interdisciplinary team allowing for positive patient outcomes.

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Visit With Nicole at Quest Wellness!


Come visit Nurse Nicole at Quest Wellness and receive a FREE 15 minute chat. Need more help? Schedule a 30 or 60 minute EcS education consultation with Nurse Nicole and you'll receive a FREE Wellness Plan, (two) 15 minute follow-up chats and a 20% discount code for HQF products. 

Harrisburg, NC - Coming Soon!

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