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Hemp Quest Farm's Nurse Nicole Discusses North Carolina's Compassionate Care Act

by Vanessa Leon

Spectrum News 1 | Rowan County

June 11, 2022

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — On a sunny June afternoon, Nicole Ryan sits at a picnic bench at Patterson Farms in Rowan County with a client suffering from joint pain and stiffness in her hands.

“I think a lot of nurses do jump on this healing journey and that’s why we’re so compassionate and empathetic," Ryan said.

Ryan was a registered nurse at Atrium Health Cabarrus...

Ryan left nursing to become a full-time cannabis consultant after seeing the positive results in her clients with CBD, CBG and THC products.

She says her products have only 0.3 THC, the legal amount in North Carolina. She would like to see more, because higher levels of THC increase the effectiveness of the products...

The medicinal marijuana bill has passed the state Senate and is now in the House. Ryan hopes it will pass, but she disagrees with certain restrictions on the bill.

“I would like to see more autoimmune diseases in there and mental health conditions,” Ryan said...

Ryan also disagrees with the prescription limit imposed on doctors.

“I think that's very strange because cannabis has an amazing safety profile, compared to some of the other prescriptions that are given out to people," Ryan said...

What You Need To Know

  • The Compassionate Care Act, a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in North Carolina, passed the state Senate this week and now is in the House

  • Nicole Ryan left her nursing career at Atrium Cabarrus and became a full-time consultant on the use of cannabis and hemp plants to find pain relief

  • Ryan says that she supports the Compassionate Care Act but that it has limitations

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