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    1315mg Full Spectrum Roll-on

    • Product Info

      Product Info

      Packed with cannabinoid-rich distillate, a boost of CBG, menthol, and camphor our pain relief Roll-On is sure to have you feeling your best. Apply to sore muscles and joints as needed. We believe in transparency in our products and so our mg content lists exactly what is in our products instead of rounding to a nearby whole number.

      1 fluid ounce (30ml)

    • Cannabinoid Profile

      CBD = 11.08 mg/ml
      CBG = 11.76 mg/ml
      CBC = 0.412 mg/ml
      CBN = 1.338 mg/ml
      Delta-8 THC = 1ND mg/ml
      Delta-9 THC = 0.478 mg/ml

      Total Cannabinoids = 1315mg/4oz

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