For Pets - 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

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      Our pet friendly, 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil is specially formulated for our fur babies. They will be begging you for their daily dose.

      Dosing information: If you are just beginning to incorporate CBD into your pet’s wellness regime, we recommend that you start with a low dose and increase dose slowly until you find the correct dose to meet your dog or cat’s needs. If you are using our tincture to soothe your pet during thunderstorms, fireworks, or other occasions, administer the dosage one to two hours before the expected event. If you are using our tincture for wellness, anxiety, or physical discomforts, you will want to give your pet a consistent dose.

      1 fluid ounce (30ml)

    • Terpene Profile

      Total Terpenes - < 1%

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    • Cannabinoid Profile

      CBD = 10.46mg/ml, CBG = <0.18mg/ml, CBT = 0.7382mg/ml, Delta-9 THC = 0.7012mg/ml
      THC = 0.07%, CBD = 1.046%

      Total Cannabinoids = 10.46mg/ml
      (314mg/30ml) or 1.19%

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