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    For Pets - 300mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil

    • Product Info

      Our pet friendly, 300mg Full-Spectrum CBD oil is specially formulated for our fur babies. They will be begging you for their daily dose.

      Dosing information: If you are just beginning to incorporate CBD into your pet’s wellness regimen, we recommend that you start with a low dose and increase dose slowly until you find the correct dose to meet your dog or cat’s needs.

    • Terpene Profile

      Total Terpenes - < 1%
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    • Cannabinoid Profile

      CBD = 10.46mg/ml, CBG = <0.18mg/ml, CBT = 0.7382mg/ml, Delta-9 THC = 0.7012mg/ml
      THC = 0.07%, CBD = 1.046%

      Total Cannabinoids = 10.46mg/ml
      (314mg/30ml) or 1.19%

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